Rules Of Engagement

J Company General Rules Of Engagement

J Company Rules Of Engagement

General Rules Of Engagement

  • No physical contact – stay at least 3 metres away from one another
  • No climbing of trees or barricades
  • No running – Outdoor Laser Tag is a game of stealth
  • Watch out for tree stumps and rabbit holes


  • Hold you MP5 with 2 hands at all times. Do not fire blindly with one hand
  • Do not use the barrel as a walking stick to get up from the ground. Always keep the barrel raised above ground level
  • If your sensors come off your helmet, notify a marshal immediately
  • Red Dot Sight: Use the Red Dot Sight to aim at the opposition

Do not touch any of the Red Dot Sight Controls

  • Your marshal will reload you before the start of each mission
  • Black Button gives you information – how many rounds and clips you have, It also gives you feedback at the end of each game
  • Red button – reload when your clip is empty. It takes 4 seconds to reload so take cover
  • You have 10 Halo Shield points and 10 Health Points – each hit takes 10 points
  • Your MP5 will say “Medic Man Down” when you are shot, your sensors will stay red and your gun won’t work
  • The stock is fully adjustable

Laser Tag Near:

Bristol ,
Newbury, Reading,
Cheltenham, Oxford


Phone: 01249 721 196
Mobile: 0777 329 1989
J Company Office
The Croft
SN15 5HG